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WebVTT 0.5 Release: WebVTTLoadListener and WebVTT Parser Issues


We have been hard at work at trying to integrate our WebVTT parser with the Mozilla FireFox Web Browser. What we needed to do according to Chris Pearce was to implement the TextTrackDecoder. This is a C++ layer that interfaces between our C WebVTT Parser and the DOM(Document Object Model) of the Mozilla FireFox web browser.

In parallel to these tasks we have also been actively working on issues with the current C Parser. The issues are listed on the GitHub Repository page for the Parser which is currently in Mozilla’s repository tree. I’ve worked on and made some issues based on some observations I made while looking at the code base.

Here’s a Link to our GitHub repository for the WebVTT Parser:

Progress for me personally, has been slow because of the fact that I need to grasp the components of the browser I have to interface with when I am implementing the WebVTT Load Listener. There’s a lot of reading to do and while I understand the basic concepts I need to fully understand how the little components work technically.

WebVTT LoadListener

The first thing we were supposed to do was to migrate the existing LoadListener inner class located in HTMLTrackElement.cpp to it’s own file. Thus the WebVTTLoadListener.cpp was created. we moved the class over. Added a  new member: webvtt_parser_t and some functions to support it. We implemented the existing methods but my partner Rick and I are still trying to clear up some of the confusion on how to properly implement some of the new functions we think are needed to link the Parser with the DOM.

Here is a link to my GitHub repository:

GitHub C-Parser Issues

I also worked on some GitHub C-parser issues. More Specifically, Issue 21:

I also created two new Issues about the general coding structure of our parser.c file. I suggested that we should check the arguments of functions to better identify some of the problems we are experiencing with getting some of the unit tests to pass. In addition I suggested we should also ensure that all variable declarations have their proper initialization before use to prevent unexpected behavior in code.



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